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100% of proceeds go to local cancer patients. Let's support our friends, neighbors and family members.

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We've all been touched by cancer --a family member, friend or colleague. Here is an opportunity to help people in our community fighting the battle of their lives. All the money we raise will go to help people in our local community. Insurance does not cover everything. People have to miss work to go to treatments. Patients fighting for their lives also find themselves dealing with the added stress of stretched finances. We want to help with that. Please join us in helping get these people and their families through a difficult time.

Our Stories

Mark Damon, CPA - Partner

My mom was diagnosed with Cancer (soft tissue sarcoma) in January of 2009. Her sarcoma was located on her back and it was a very aggressive tumor (about the size of a golf ball). She took her diagnosis in stride and was optimistic that she could fight and win. She was instructed by the Oncologist specialist at OHSU to have the tumor removed and engage in radiation procedures. She had an aversion to radiation so she opted to have the tumor removed without the follow-up radiation procedure(s). This was a very personal decision for her and was strongly discouraged by the Oncologist. My mom and I fought over this decision to no avail – she was a very strong-willed individual (the apple did not fall very far from the tree). Finally I had to surrender the fight and support my mom with her decisions and her plan of attack.

Approximately 1 year after the surgery she had a follow up CT scan and she learned that the tumor was back and that it approximated the size of a baseball. The Oncologist advised my mom that a very aggressive response was needed. At this point, my mom elected to fight her battle holistically. During the next 2.5 years, I supported my mom during her battle and watched her endure great pain and suffering (I will spare the details). Words can't express the amount of strength and resilience my mom had. She passed away on June 6, 2012 and fought this terrible disease to the very last minute. I still often think about the choices made during the initial diagnosis and often blame myself for not pushing harder. I am moving toward peace in this regard and believe this was somehow my mom's final and most important lesson. My mom was very fortunate during her battle as she had a comfortable place to live and was at a stage in her life where she could put 100% of her focus on this mind stealing disease. Others are not as fortunate and have to fight their wars without simple resources. I can't imagine the strength certain people have to deal with their battle and everyday life (money, children, jobs, etc). This is the main reason we picked the Compassion Fund at Asante Foundation as the focal point of our campaign. This fund utilizes 100% of monies donated to provide resources/comfort to those battling cancer locally. My hope is the money we raise provides hope and encouragement not only to fighters but to their families and our local community!

Stewart Parmele, CPA - Partner

I'm participating in No-Shave November because of the growing number of family and friends who have fallen to cancer. We lost my father to a three year battle with cancer about thirteen years ago. He was a very strong and healthy man who we all believed would be with us for many more years. My family remembers him and misses him always. My wife and I will actually be attending a gathering today remembering the most recent long-time friend we've lost. Those in attendance will all be there remembering a very loving and compassionate person who will be missed by her husband, children, grand-children and all her friends who she touched deeply over many years. Cancer has stricken everyone we know in one way or another. My wife and I have another very good friend who has battled with both breast cancer and now bone cancer. She is very important to us both and we want to help in every way we can. No-Shave November is a very simple thing to do. For me it will be like every other day. See, I haven't shaved my whole face since June 16, 1978, the day I got out of the Army. My wife and kids have never seen me with-out a beard. So we're are going to make it a family affair and I'm going to shave on October 31st just so I can say that I really didn't shave in November.

Lucia Hagy, CPA

My husband, Michael, will be representing me in the No Shave November campaign. Cancer is very personal to me because I am a breast cancer survivor of less than one year coming up on my first annual diagnosis date on December 5th. Even though I have a very promising prognosis going forward, the journey was not easy, and yet it could have been so much more difficult as it is for so many. I avoided chemotherapy and radiation but did have three surgeries within 3 months and I am on endocrine therapy for 5 years. I spent last Christmas and New Year's recovering from my first surgery on December 19th, a bilateral mastectomy. I am so fortunate because I belong to a large extended family and have wonderful co-workers and friends in the Rogue Valley. My sister, who lives in Olympia, gave up her Christmas with her family to come take care of me. My husband, Michael, took time off from work to be my 24 hour nursemaid. Both my husband and my sister were amazing caretakers offering comfort and assistance with my needs. Then for two weeks, we had meals brought in by co-workers and long-time friends in the community. Our Christmas meal was completely catered thanks to KDP. Plus my home was completely adorned with flowers and cards from KDP, and friends and family. I felt so completely loved during such a difficult time.

Not everyone is as fortunate as I am. During my most difficult days, I often thanked my husband and sister for their selfless consideration of my needs and I remarked how difficult it must be for those who must face this alone. Not everyone has such an understanding and considerate employer as I do that allowed me time to heal after each surgery and accepted my reduced working hours with such compassion. I support the Compassion Fund to honor the compassion I received from my husband and my sister, my KDP co-workers, and other family and my friends in this wonderful Rogue Valley community. I hope that others can receive the compassion that I did to help them through their difficult days on their journey.

Theresa McCoy

My husband will be representing me in the No Shave November campaign. This cause is very personal for me since I lost my father to throat cancer in 2001 and my brother-in-law was just diagnosed with lymphoma last October. My father got to meet his grandchildren before he was taken, and my kids remember all the fun games he used to invent for them. He lost his battle to cancer before he got to enjoy even one day of retirement and left my mom and the rest of us far too soon. We all miss him dearly. He was the guy who made the holidays so much fun for the whole family. We would have been celebrating his birthday in November. Instead, we will participate in this campaign in his honor, and for my brother-in-law, and for so many other friends we know that have been affected by this disease.

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