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We all know someone who has experienced cancer. We want to help local people with their cancer battles, by raising money for different items or help they may need and increase awareness about what they're going through. During No-Shave November, we're working hard (and not shaving!) in order to raise money for the Asante Cancer Compassion Fund. We hope you'll join us on our No-Shave November adventure!

We want to share Channing's story about cancer and losing his wife. Anything we can do to fund or help those battling cancer, anything we can do to ease the pain and anxiety, is immeasurable for those involved!

Jody was born on March 26, 1957 in Spokane. She had five beautiful children, four daughters and a son, and she dedicated most of her time to her family as they were growing up.

They were all so important to her, and her face would light up whenever she would see them or talk to them on the phone.
She was a strong, independent woman; she was always super kind, smart, loving and compassionate, and not someone opinionated about what other people should do.

She was beautiful both inside and out, and when she smiled at me I felt alive. I was truly blessed to have a wife who loved me for who I was and that I loved deeply.

She was a passionate student of art and loved to go to art galleries. Her paintings told of her adventures and provided a view of her soul. She saw the colors in the sky, sunrise and sunset and painted them; her pictures of our adventures became her art, her expression of life.

Jody never found a hike she did not want to walk, water she did not want to kayak, space she did not fill with excitement.
Jody loved our His and Her families and our dog Noel; Noel was her companion and they spent endless time together after Jody retired. After she got sick Noel would always check on her, the bedroom door would open, Noel would come in, check everything out then go lay down outside the bedroom. Noel sits watching the garage and front door. She is still waiting for Jody to come home.

She was a good friend, a wonderful mother and grandmother, and a loving wife.

Life was finally everything she could ever have hoped for, and nothing she would have changed and then came the cancer.
The chemo did not go well, in fact she was sicker from the chemo at the time than she was the cancer, so Jody as she was, dove into research on cancer. She read books, articles, listened to doctors speaking on the web; she became as knowledgeable on the subject as a doctor and we made a decision. Well she made it and I know better, but on this I also agreed with her. To forgo regular medicine her and to pursue a natural, more wholesome solution.

Jody and I would always talk about life, past, present and what future we would have together retirement in a house on a beach where she could paint, not knowing the future would be shorter than either of us would have thought or wanted.

The day she passed she woke me up talking to the angels. I was sleeping and thought it was Noel snoring, but it was not, so I got up and I sat beside her. Her breathing was labored and her eyes distant. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear it was OK, it was time to go with the angels and that I loved her very, very much. It was hard to let her go, but it was the best thing to stop her pain. I told her to embrace the light, and the next thing I noticed she was gone. I held her tight, kissed her over and over and sat on the floor and wept. It was both over the loss of my friend and wife, but also a gladness for her to be with the angels.

Life is not fair, but the love I and our families have for Jody is profound, it is real and it is everlasting!

And I will see here again, I will love her anew, in the light of our Lord in that house, on that beach for eternity.

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